We want TreeGO visitors to have the most enjoyable experience imaginable, and that means providing you with the security of expertly engineered structures, quality materials and construction and continuous inspections. Our team at each location is trained in risk management skills and has your education and practice of safety techniques as a first priority. We guarantee that you will find them professional and supportive throughout your adventure.

With well over a decade of experience in Europe and five in North America, TreeGO offers the best in its class and sets the standard for quality aerial adventure products and customer experience. We strive to meet or exceed even the most rigorous standards, such as those proposed by the International Mountain Guides (UIAGM).


TreeGO is guaranteed to meet or exceed strict international industry standards. Through our engineering excellence, our concern for the environment, our passion for quality, innovation and safety, we have gained a solid reputation as leaders in the aerial adventure course industry.

Safety & Quality Control Charter

As an integral part of the franchise and operating license, all of our operators agree to be bound by the Charter of Safety & Quality Control. The charter covers staff training, yearly accreditation, inspections (annual, monthly), and operating procedures.

All physical elements recieve the highest level of care in design and fabrication and installation, using only the best materials. As a result, structures are safe and wear well through years of exposure and heavy use. Major international manufacturers supply all steel wiring and all our hardware is built to the highest standards and treated against corrosion.

Environmental Care

We are committed to developing environmentally-friendly products. All the wood used for platform construction is natural(cedear and larch) and chemical-free. Trees are not harmed and all sites are built with the greatest care for the environment and respect for each unique landscape. A TreeGO Aerial Adventure Course could be removed from its placements with very little evidence of it ever having existed.